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Product Name : KIOSK-KIN


Information / Self-Service KIOSK-System

Specification :

Order Code Capacity Width Depth
KIOSK-KIN 1467.5mm(Height) 580mm 400mm

Monitor: LCD
Material: Cold rolled steel ST12 (ST12): SPCC
Dimension(W*D*H): 530*350*1322mm
Thickness: 1.0~3.0mm
Work environment:
temperature:+5 °C ~ +35 °C;humidity:40% ~ 80%
Network function:four-core telephone or RJ45 network tie-in ( Standard of RJ45)
The surface:color optional
Basic electrical equipment with cabling and power pack for monitor and sound system (Two speakers)
Sizes: 17-inch

Touch panel : Mapletouch 5-wire resistive touch screen

Circuiting Rating: 5V DC, 35mA Surface Hardness: 3H
Light Transmission: Film+Glass>83% Hitting Life Expectancy: Over 35 million
Scoring Life Expectancy: Over 5 million
Contact Bounce: <10ms Operating Temperature: -10 °C~+60 °C
Resolution: 4096x4096 Storage Temperature: -20 °C ~ +70 °C
Linearity: 1.5%( <1.0% By Request) Thickness: 3.0mm
Operating Force: 10g~100g  

Images :

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